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Responsive Website Design

One website for all platforms, Desk-Top, Tablet & Mobile

Eliminates the need for a separate mobile and tablet website!

With lots of web users now surfing using various mobile devices as well as traditional desk-top PCs it is important that a website is configured to display correctly on all forms of device.

Up until recently, the only way to do this was to develop a separate website to display on a mobile phone and in some cases, a third site to work correctly on tablets such as IPads. The cost of this is prohibitive for many, both for the initial set-up and ongoing maintenance.

With the advent of responsive dental web design, we can now configure one website to adjust gracefully for all devices, PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

This means lower set-up and running costs, better functionality and consistent information for your users across all devices.

Google benefit

In recent guidelines, Google has also advised that responsive design should be considered for all new websites with the implication that search ranking advantages may be given to this format. It is important to follow such recommendations from Google which is why all of our new websites are offered with responsive design.

Responsive websites for dentists - summary of benefits:

  • one website for all platforms - desk-top, tablet and mobile phone
  • lower initial set up cost
  • lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • consistent information on all devices
  • better functionality and leading-edge design in accordance with Google guidelines

Please call us on 01332 672548 for a no-obligation discussion about the advantages of responsive design.

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