Google Remarketing for dentists – What and Why

Remarketing – the less well known method of Google advertising

Many dentists know and use Google AdWords for their pay-per-click advertising but very few actually know about or use the other main method of advertising on Google – the system known as Remarketing.

This is a technique whereby you present targeted adverts to users after they visit your website and continue on to surf the web. So whilst they may not have engaged with you first time around, subtle reminders about your services are presented to them as they continue their web journey. Whilst this may sound a little sneaky, it’s actually in wide use across the web – have you ever wondered how or why those same adverts keep appearing on websites you visit? Whilst some may find this annoying, it is a proven and cost-effective marketing method.

How does it work?

Let’s say a dentist wants to target “dental implants” as part of their online web marketing campaign. Alongside the usual web promotion strategies, a remarketing campaign could also be brought into play. To do this, you add tracking code (generated either from your AdWords or Analytics account) to your website which add cookies to the computer of users who visit the site – this is the mechanism which allows the user to be tracked on their ongoing journey through the web and your adverts to be served to them accordingly. Note that you may need to modify your privacy and cookies policies on your website appropriately.

Within your AdWords account you also set up remarketing lists which allow you to differentiate visitors based on what they looked at and their potential interest – so for this example you would set up a “dental implants” list and the cookie id of those who visited your implant page would be added to this automatically. You would then create a campaign in Adwords with specific ad. copy to show only to those people who were added to your dental implants remarketing list. Your advert is not shown to anyone other than those who were added to this particular list.

You can set up multiple lists based on different criteria which allows for excellent advert targeting. There are also many different variables which can be set to further optimise your remarketing, for example the frequency at which your ads. are shown, the interest groups to which they are shown etc.

Where are my adverts shown?

The adverts you generated in your AdWords remarketing campaigns are shown on the Google Display network – these are websites, including many very high profile and popular ones, which elect to show ads. from Google to make money. When your advert is clicked, the host site gets paid and you pay something to Google. There is also facility within your remarketing account to exclude sites where you don’t wish your advert to appear.

Click through rates, conversions and costs – what to expect

Although all campaigns are different, remarketing campaigns generally show the following characteristics:

  • cheaper click costs than traditional AdWords campaigns
  • low click-through rate
  • high conversion rate

So whilst the traffic levels may be lower than some other online marketing methods, high conversion rates can be expected. This, coupled with the relatively low click-costs means that remarketing is well worth testing out.


If you already have a mature web marketing portfolio in place and are looking for additional ways to generate targeted traffic with good return-on-investment, Google Remarketing is worthy of investigation. If you would like to know more, please call the Dental Media online marketing team for no-obligation advice.