Are you being overcharged by your Invisalign marketing company?

Are you being overcharged by your Invisalign marketing company?

Succeed without huge monthly fees!

Here at Dental Media we’ve really ramped up our Invisalign marketing services, not just for existing clients but also for new clients who have shipped across from their existing providers. These transfers have almost all resulted from dentists being charged what appear to be excessive fees for services which don’t necessarily offer good value for money. Let’s take a closer look.

Why some dentists pay £2k per month for Invisalign marketing (and is it justified?)

It’s quite clear that marketing companies are charging for their services based not on the input they provide based on time and expertise, but on the large profits which Invisalign bookings can yield. They’ve worked out that dentists are still happy to pay £2k + per month on fees where the bookings made actually yield several fold more than that. To some, that may seem fair, but do you really need to pay those fees to get success? The answer is a clear “no” and why dilute your margins if you don’t have to?

Golden handcuffs?

What I mean by that is that even where dentists suspect they are paying excessively, some are still reluctant to move when they are getting relative success. It all comes down to uncertainty and being unwilling to move, even where lower costs and better margins can be demonstrated elsewhere. The marketing companies know this of course and play on the dentist’s uncertainties to hang on to business. But it all gets a little bit out of hand when you realise the limited amount of work which goes on in the background after the marketing campaigns have been set up initially.

Of course not all marketers do this, but sadly a number of them in the dental field do. So you need to be wise and able to make an informed decision to avoid paying way over the odds, to get value for money and to ensure that your marketing remains effective.

Generic marketing templates

The tools used by most Invisalign and to some extent Implant marketers typically consist of the following elements:

  • Facebook, Instagram and Google ads
  • Landing pages
  • On-line booking facility e.g. Acuity
  • Virtual consultation
  • Virtual smile assessment

Not all of these tools are used all the time but you’ll see most of them in use on many of the “pro” campaigns currently out there. DIY dentists may go for a less sophisticated approach but the “tried and tested” solutions usually use most or all of the elements noted above.

Is there really a “secret marketing sauce”?

I don’t want to demean the process at all, far from it. There is a lot of expertise needed to create great ads, excellent landing pages and then ensure that the campaigns are targeted to people who are most likely to book treatments and become patients.

However, what we see now is that the same old templates, ad sets and landing pages are being rolled out and simply left to run with minimal input after the campaigns have been launched. This may be effective to a certain degree and bring in enough new business to satisfy the dentist, however for campaigns to be really effective, ongoing input and optimisation is essential. You should not wait for campaign activity to wane before stepping in, but all too often we see this, even though the dentist continues to pay a huge monthly fee to their Invisalign marketing agency.

Even worse is that this type of marketing activity often comes on the back of a punitive 12 month contract where the dentist cannot escape even where performance is worse than expected.

What’s the alternative?

Fortunately there is an alternative to large monthly fees, onerous contracts and mediocre returns.

Here at Dental Media we use all of the tried and tested techniques with some of our own methods added for best effect. We do not charge onerous fees or insist on long contracts; instead the fees you pay truly reflect the work we do, not an attempt by us to cream off a large portion of the profit made by the new enquiries we bring in.

Would you like to learn more about how to bring in plenty of new Invisalign and/or Implant cases to your own practice using an affordable, value-for-money service? If so, please get in touch with the marketing team at Dental Media on 01332 672548 to see some of our case studies and for a no-obligation discussion.