Facial Aesthetics Websites For Dentists

Facial Aesthetics Websites For Dentists

Should you showcase facial aesthetics services on your dental website or separately?

More and more dentists are now providing facial aesthetics services and it’s understandable why. Not only are dentists skilled medical professionals used to the dexterity and types of instruments needed, they also work in a clean, clinical environment from which to provide the service. So a “win win” for the dentist and the client, particularly when compared to some of the “dodgy” high street services which unfortunately still exist.

Of course there is also the financial aspect too, with these types of services providing excellent revenue potential.

So as a dentist providing facial aesthetics services, how best do you showcase what you do to ensure you reach the maximum number of potential clients?

Using your dental website

The first and very popular option is to create a separate section on an existing dental practice website to leverage the Google traffic which already exists. Of course the new facial aesthetics content will need to be created and added to the website before this can happen, but you can start to get meaningful traffic and enquiries quite quickly by leveraging in this way. Although there used to be some concern that the GDC would frown on mixing dissimilar treatments like this, it has not proved to be a problem.

There are a lot of similarities between showcasing dental treatments and aesthetics treatments on a website and your current web provider should be able to assist. Here at Dental Media we do this for lots of our website clients and we can always help if you have any difficulties.

As with dental treatments, there are some key things to consider when publishing new content:

  • Be concise but informative. Remember that Google also needs to find meaningful, useful information if your new content is to stand a chance of ranking well – so don’t go minimalist
  • Personalise your content to ensure it’s very readable, interesting and engaging
  • Use compelling before/after case studies and images
  • Intersperse your content with patient testimonials and reviews
  • Avoid anything “gory”
  • Separate your key treatments so that each of them has a dedicated web page. This is important for optimisation and search engine ranking. For example, if Botox and fillers are your main treatments, ensure they have a page each on your website – less important treatments can be consolidated, particularly if you have a limited design budget.

Building a dedicated facial aesthetics website

A separate website dedicated to facial aesthetics is also an option but there are a few things to weigh up before you go this route:

  • Cost – a good-quality website might cost you upwards of £4k at current pricing levels
  • A new website and content will have zero initial traction in Google and will possibly need some SEO to get moving. However, a dedicated website will have better mid to long term ranking potential, simply because it provides more focused information i.e. the domain is not ‘diluted’ with other treatment types.
  • Management time (and cost) – a separate website will need maintenance if it is to continue to work well and this needs to be budgeted.

The choice will likely depend on how important facial aesthetics is within your portfolio of services and how you intend to develop it over time. The more important it is, the more likely a dedicated website will serve you better. That said, we have many clients who have a strong aesthetics portfolio integrated within their dental website.

Don’t forget paid advertising

As with dental treatments, you can complement Google traffic with traffic from paid ads. This can be from Google and/or Facebook and Instagram. All of those channels can work well, however it must be noted that getting ads past Google and Facebook’s content filters is getting progressively harder.

Any treatment or ads which implies “body shaming” will not pass and it can be very frustrating trying to determine where your ads have fallen foul of arguably over-zealous filtering. Our ad experts can help you with this and avoid wasted time.

A word about using the ‘Botox’ term

Using “Botox” in your content is also subject to quite strict rules. As it’s a POM, you cannot use the term in a general way, particularly where it’s advertising a treatment. Instead you need to use terms such as “muscle relaxant” etc to avoid unwanted scrutiny. There are ways to do this successfully without breaching guidelines, but you do need to know what you’re doing – please ask our team for advice.


There are several options for advertising facial aesthetics services, including on an existing dental website, via a dedicated website and also paid ads on one or more platforms. All can work well and the choice you make will depend on how important facial aesthetics is as part of your treatments offer.

If you are just starting out providing facial aesthetics and need experienced support to advertise your services, please contact the team at Dental Media on 01332 672548 for advice.